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2015 Fees payable to Council

2015 Fees payable to Council

(Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974)


Please note that if you are wanting to register from 1 January 2015, you should pay the fees scheduled for 2015 and not for 2014.

In terms of section 4(zG) of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, as amended, Council may determine the fees payable to Council without publication thereof in regulations. In practice, this would mean that any new fees or amendments to existing fees will be determined annually by Council. As in the past, all efforts are made to curtail costs and keep any increases in fees to the minimum.

*Bank details
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Name of beneficiary: South African Pharmacy Council
Bank account number: 011885866
Branch code: 010145
Payment/ beneficiary reference: Your account number with Council**

**Your account number is alpha–numeric:
Persons: P –number (P followed by a 5-digit number)
Pharmacy: Y-number (Y followed by a 5-digit number)
Provider: R-number (R followed by a 5-digit number)

Click here [1] to download the fees payable to the South African Pharmacy Council for the 2015 financial year.

Due dates for annual fees

Failure to pay the prescribed annual fees within three months of the due date may lead to the removal of your name from the register. The due dates each year are as follows:

  • 2 January
    Pharmacies and responsible pharmacists (private sector) in retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing
  • 1 February
  • 1 June
    Providers, assessors, pharmacy support personnel and students
  • 1 July
    Pharmacies and responsible pharmacists (public sector)

Online credit and debit card method

We recommend that all pharmacy professionals pay fees conveniently through the safe credit and debit card payment method by logging in with your unique details on the website (www.sapc.za.org [2]).

You not only enjoy the convenience of paying the fees wherever you are and at whatever time, but also receive instant confirmation that your payment has been received. You can print your proof of payment.

Other payment methods
Fees can be paid into Council’s Standard Bank Account* as indicated in the banking details through the following methods:

  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Direct deposit (DD)
  • Credit/debit card at our offices