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Message from the Registrar

Pharmaciae - SAPC - Message from the Registrar

Message from the Registrar

The year is fast approaching the end, yet there is still a lot to be done, the inauguration of the new Council being one. Nevertheless, we urge all pharmacy professionals to remain ethical and to abide and be guided by the Ethical Rules in their conduct. The selling of excessive amounts of medicines, especially codeine, over the counter is wreaking havoc in our communities, schools and families where young people find themselves addicted to medicines. As we are gearing for the festivities, let us engage our colleagues to move away from unethical practices that not only compromise the lives of our patients but also stand to tarnish the image of the pharmacy profession and erode public trust in us as healthcare professionals.

World AIDS Day

1st December is World Aids Day, it is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. While the Department of Home Affairs records indicate that there has been a decrease in HIV-caused deaths, the disease claimed 21 830 lives in 2016 and is ranked fifth among the leading natural causes of death. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) chose “Know your status” as this year’s theme for commemorating World Aids Day, as such we urge pharmacy professionals across the country to teach their patients the importance of knowing one’s HIV status – early detection and treatment of HIV can prolong lives and ensure those infected lead normal and healthy lives.

What should we do on this day? We need to show solidarity with millions of people living with HIV, we can do this by wearing an HIV awareness red ribbon on the day. As professionals in our own settings and working environment, let us show that we care, and not only during December, but beyond this day, we must support people living with HIV throughout.

Council election 2018

The inauguration of the new Council after the elections stalled as the Returning Officer is still attending to queries by some of our registered persons. As soon as all these have been attended to, we will proceed with the normal preparations to welcome the new Council. There is a lot of work that’s awaiting this Council as espoused in the Pharmacy Act. The new Council will need to hit the ground running, to start reviewing our Vision, Mission and our Values, to look at the strategic plans for the next five years, appoint office bearers and committees. This is work that should have been started.

Pharmacy Conference 2019

The 3rd NPC cannot be over emphasised, people who attended this conference before can attest to what is to be expected. South Africans have a tendency of leaving things until at the end. Please book, registration is open [1], part payments [2] are also allowed. Please continue to check on the website [3] for our programme, wide-ranging topics and speakers. Start arranging with your employer for funding, accommodation, travel and the necessary leave days. As a top up, there will be a fun-run, golf day, the National Pharmacy Awards, and more opportunities to network with colleagues within the profession.

A special thank you

This message goes to Councillors whose term has just ended. I would like to thank you, the members, for your support and guidance during the past five year period, you all allocated substantial amounts of your personal and family time to the SAPC. The work that you started with Council is not ending with your departure; your contributions will still be sought in taking the interest of Pharmacy forward. Some members have been re-elected, this will assist a great deal in ensuring continuity as their expertise and organisational memory may come in handy on matters outstanding from the previous term. I wish them all the best in the forthcoming term of the new Council. It is also time to say thank you to all staff in the Office of the Registrar and to members of our lovely profession. Best wishes for you and your family this festive season and a prosperous 2019.