SAPC Registrar

Message from the Registrar

Registrar Amos Masango expresses his delight at a successful first half year for Council and the profession, and is justifiably proud of the advancements made in a number of areas; from the promotion of pharmacy, the introduction of new qualifications, advancements in technology, NHI developments, self-testing HIV kits through to the grading of pharmacies.


SAPC - President

Message from the President

SAPC President Mano Chetty welcomes the extension of National Pharmacy Week to National Pharmacy Month, which in future will span the entire month of September. Professor Chetty calls on the profession to use the opportunity to heighten public awareness on the significant role pharmacists can play in the nation’s wellbeing, and shares some interesting snippets on the history and development of vaccines in support of this year’s theme, Don’t wait – vaccinate!


Pharmacy Month Sep 2017

National Pharmacy Month – September 2017

The pharmacy profession’s annual awareness drive has been elevated to new heights this year, and Council proudly announces the extension of National Pharmacy Week to a full month. Commencing this year, September will be wholly devoted to pharmacy and celebrated as National Pharmacy Month.

The profession is urged to use the month to promote pharmacy and visibly demonstrate the significant role the profession plays in the healthcare sector. The theme for 2017 is Don’t Wait – Vaccinate.


SAPC - Social Media

Consumer engagement on social media critical for pharmacists’ digital relevance

Social media platforms have everybody communicating with all and sundry, and during the 2nd National Pharmacy Conference pharmacists were urged to use the explosion in technology to their best advantage. As people are active participants on social media, pharmacists have the opportunity to explore the use of ‘apps’ to engage their consumers and disseminate information that improves personal and community health practices.


Social Media Boundaries

SOCIAL MEDIA – Knowing the Boundaries

Was there life before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest?

Today social media allows us to communicate with the world at the touch of a fingertip or the click of a mouse. It has opened up a whole new world to all of us. But, just like every other form of communication, how you communicate on this virtual stage, and the information you share, is very important. Council is looking into the risks that healthcare professionals could face when behaving irresponsibly on line.


Tutors to monitor CPD entries

Tutors to verify interns’ CPD entries

Tutors have been granted permission to access their interns’ continuing professional development (CPD) entries to validate and authenticate the records of activities before they are submitted to Council for assessment.

Tutors will, at first, be granted read-only access in preparation for the full implementation of the initiative in January 2018.


Networking opportunities at SAAHIP, Dis-chem and PSSA conferences

It is not often that pharmacists have a chance to personally meet and engage with Council staff members. Council recently hosted exhibtions at three grand conferences, which offered wonderful networking opportunities. The team in charge were kept extremely busy interacting with the delegates, many of them members of the pharmacy profession, and handled numerous queries with friendly aplomb – they were a living embodiment of their motto, a team makes the dream work!!