SAPC Registrar

Message from the Registrar

2017 was an eventful year for pharmacy. As the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) we look back with joy at the accomplishments for the year, amongst which we count the finalisation of the Good Pharmacy Practise standards, the publication of minimum standards for HIV Self-testing Kits, and the successful carrying out of the first ever National Pharmacy Month programme by pharmacy professionals across the length and breadth of the country. As we chart our resolutions for the coming year, SAPC Registrar/CEO Mr Amos Masango, urges all pharmacy professionals to finalise plans for participating at the 3rd National Pharmacy Conference in 2019.


SAPC - President

Message from the President

The role of pharmacists in patient care is expanding. As pharmacists we need to take a more active role in providing for the healthcare needs of our patients so as to distinguish ourselves from other medicine dispensing healthcare professionals. The recently concluded Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week should remind us that our expertise places us at the centre of the healthcare value-chain, responsible for advising both the patients and prescribers on the effective and safe use of antibiotics and other medicines. SAPC President Prof Mano Chetty takes stock of what has been an exciting year for the pharmacy profession and calls on pharmacy professionals to capitalise on the opportunities presented by changing patient needs, through innovation.


SAPC - Pharmacist of the Future

Shaping the pharmacist of the future

As the world adapts to technological advancements, most which seek to revolutionise life as we know it, the pharmacy profession ought to ensure its continued relevance by aligning training with the changing environment. The patient of the 21st century differs tremendously from the patient of the past two to three centuries, and as the pharmacy profession we must always advance with technology so as to never be out-of-touch with reality.


Pharmacy Month Sep 2017

September was National Pharmacy Month 2017

In prepararion for the first National Pharmacy Month, the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) together with the National Department of Health and the Pharmaceuitical Society of South Africa developed promotional material and a multi-stakeholder awareness creation campaign with the aim of improving the public’s healthcare outcomes. This year’s campaign shone a light on the importance and benefits of immunisation against illnesses under the theme: “Don’t wait, Vaccinate”.


SAPC - Elections 2018

Approaching Council Elections 2018

As the term of the current Council draws to an end in October 2018, the Office of the Registrar is gearing up for Council Elections 2018, with nominations opening in the last week of March 2018. As a result, there may be a number of questions as to what being a Council Member entails, what the functions of Council are, how Council works, and what it requires to be a Council Member.


SAPC - Fees payable to Council

2018 Fees payable to Council

The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) reminds the profession of the newly published schedule of 2018 Fees payable to Council. For the registration of professionals, students, assessors, as well as establishments to be effective from 1 January 2018, The 2018 fees as scheduled should be paid by the indicated due dates. Paying 2017 fees for 2018 would result in the registration lapsing.


SAPC - Pharmaciae - CPD

The importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the pre-registration year

The preregistration year provides an important bridge between academic training and the “real world” of work. It is in this year that the SAPC finds it fitting to introduce aspiring pharmacists to the concept of continuing professional development (CPD). CPD ensures that professionals always keep abreast with new developments in the profession, an important requirement for staying relevant and competent as the profession evolves.


SAPC - Compliance, Monitoring, Training

Out with ‘inspectors’, in with compliance, monitoring and training officers

The purpose of the inspections conducted by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) is mainly to ensure adherence to Good Pharmacy Practice Standards by the pharmacy profession so as to ensure that the good image of the profession is upheld and our role as pharmacy professionals is always exercised to the best of our abilities in order to improve healthcare outcomes for the public. It is with this in mind that Council resolved to adopted names that resonate with the intended end-result for officers carrying out inspections.


SAPC - Section 22 of the Pharmacy Act

The implications of amendments to Section 22 of the Pharmacy Act and new ownership regulations on “pre-May 2003” pharmacies

Prior to May 2003, pharmacies were required to only register their premises with the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC). Since 2 May 2003, the amendment to Section 22 and the related regulations made it a requirement for all new pharmacies as well as any changes to the ownership or relocation of existing pharmacies to apply for a pharmacy licence from the Director-General of the Department of Health. Once such licence is issued, pharmacy owners are then required to record the licence with SAPC


SAPC - Team Updates

Appointments, promotions and resignations

It gives the South African Pharmacy Council great joy to introduce and welcome a cohort of gifted newly appointed staff members within the Professional Affairs, Information Technology, Finance and Communication & Stakeholder Relations departments. It is hoped that their presence will add value to the services we provide to the profession and the public.


SAPC - Legal Update

Committee of formal inquiry finds pharmacists and pharmacy support personnel guilty

In terms of the Regulations relating to the conduct of inquiries held in terms of Chapter V of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, and in particular Regulation 26, respondents who have been found guilty by a Committee of Formal Inquiry (CFI) shall have their names, together with the summary of the charges and the penalty imposed by the CFI, published in a Council Report.


SAPC takes services to the profession at the Clicks and Gauteng Pharmacist’s Assistants conferences

The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) was honoured by invitations from the organisers of the Clicks 11th Annual Healthcare Conference and the 1st Gauteng Post-Basic Pharmacist Assistants Conference to participate at these conferences. The two conferences provided the SAPC with an opportunity to take its services to the profession, the Office of the Registrar participated in the conferences through presentations to delegates, informative exhibitions and through providing stakeholder support and resolving queries on site.


SAPC - extends moratorium on fee increases for students

Fees not increased for students and pharmacy support learners

The tertiary education system continues to be under pressure, and despite the recently released Heher Commission report, pointing out that a fee-free higher education for all is not feasible, there are still students who deservedly require assistance. The South African Pharmacy Council joins other stakeholders in helping alleviate some of the pressure on students and their families. It is in this spirit that Council resolved to not increase annual fees for students and pharmacy support personnel for 2018.