SAPC Registrar

Message from the Registrar

Registrar Amos Masango reminds the profession that the Pharmaciae is a ‘must read’ for all as it contains important and topical information relevant to the practice of pharmacy. He announces the extension of the pharmacist’s assistant qualification and mentions the challenges surrounding the registration of the new PTAs and PTs.


SAPC President

Message from the President

President Dr Mano Chetty calls on pharmacists to validate the pharmacy profession as the most suitably trained custodian of pharmaceuticals. She looks at the opportunities available to the profession and how these should be used to entrench the pharmacist as an important role player in the country’s healthcare team.


Low Temp Warning

Fridge warning system

The Rules relating to good pharmacy practice stipulate that all pharmacy fridges must be fitted with a temperature recording instrument and an alarm system. The system records spikes or drops in the fridge’s temperature and plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe storage of medicines. Council, once again, highlights the importance of the fridge warning system.


Council Exhibit

Council exhibits at conferences

Conference organisers frequently request the SAPC to exhibit at their events. The exhibitions are gaining in popularity and receive a great deal of support from SAPC members and external stakeholders alike. So far this year Council has exhibited at two big conferences and more are scheduled for the coming months.


SAPC - Legal Update

Professional Conduct & Legal Update

Statistics show that crime, in particular white collar crime, is detrimental to the economy of the country. Council is taking a firm stand against crime and is employing an attitude of zero tolerance towards pharmacists and pharmacy support personnel who engage in criminal activity within the practice of pharmacy. The Committee of Formal Inquiry has dealt with a number of cases over the past few months.