SAPC Registrar

Message from the Registrar

Registrar Amos Masango briefly reflects on the dynamism and energy of the pharmacy profession, likening its efforts at achieving quality pharmaceutical services to a camera shot. He expresses his optimism for 2016 and praises the determination of the Council and the Office of the Registrar to resolves issues affecting education and training, practice, registration and professional.


SAPC President

Message from the President

Professor Mano Chetty looks back on 2015 and comments on the evolving and increasingly significant role the profession needs to play in the struggle to contain global epidemics and antibiotic resistance. She examines the reasons behind medicine shortages, and provides clarity on Council’s plans to enhance the workforce through the introduction of a skilled apprentice to assist the overburdened pharmacist.


2nd National Pharmacy Conference 2016

2nd National Pharmacy Conference

Back by popular demand. The 2nd National Pharmacy Conference (21 – 24 October 2016) at the Durban International Conference Centre puts Pharmacy centre stage in addressing the health care needs of South Africa. It’s about scientific innovation and African insight. The 2016 National Pioneer Pharmacy Professional and Facility Awards will also be presented at the event. Submit your nominations for worthy candidate today.


SAPC Awards

2016 SAPC National Pioneer Pharmacy Awards

The search is on for South Africa’s 2016 pioneer pharmacy professional and pharmacy facility. The 2016 SAPC National Pioneer Pharmacy Awards, sponsored by Aspen Pharmacare, will take place at the 2nd National Pharmacy Conference in Durban during October next year. The illustrious pharmacy awards honour the profession’s deserving men, women and facilities that raise the bar in the best practice of pharmacy and the level of care they provide to their communities. Nomination forms and criteria for the awards are available on the SAPC website.


Going Green

Council’s online functionality – Going Green

The introduction and expansion of online functionalities is but one small way in which Council contributes towards the ‘go green’ initiative to preserve the environment. The e-registration system is dramatically reducing the amount of paper used, streamlining processes, saving time and resources, and cutting costs. An additional online registration process (premises approval for training, tutor approval, registration of responsible pharmacists and recording of facilities) was introduced in 2015, and the last set of systems (cession of contract, change of tutor/facility, registrations of assessors and moderators and supplementary training will be introduced in 2016.


Council retain pharmacist’s assistants and pharmacy technician cadres

Council initially planned to introduce three new cadres (i.e. Pharmacy General Assistant, Pharmacy Technical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician) and phase out the pharmacist’s assistant (i.e. Basic and Post-Basic). In July 2015 Council considered the concerns surrounding the introduction of the new cadres and has resolved to retain the current pharmacist’s assistants and only introduce the pharmacy technician as a new cadre.


2015 Inspectors Bosberaad

Councillors and staff members called on inspectors to act as mentors during their inspections and raise awareness among the profession of new legislation directly affecting the practise of pharmacy. Inspectors were also requested to maintain consistency in their investigations and compile clear and comprehensive reports on their findings.


SAPC - Team Updates

Appointments and promotions

Council regrettably bade farewell to fellow colleagues Ziyanda Mpepo, who has joined the Eastern Cape Department of Health, and Moloko Masenya, who has joined Legal Aid South Africa. Congratulations to Mpho Shisana who was recently promoted to the position of supply chain management controller.


SAPC Registration Card

2016 Changes affecting learners, students, interns and community service pharmacists AND the reprinting of expired registration cards

Council continually seeks ways to keep operational costs down to a minimum, and has decided to cut back on the expenses incurred through the printing and mailing of certificates and certain letters. This decision won’t affect the reissuing of new ID registration cards, but amendments are going to be made to the expiry dates of the new cards.


Every pharmacist’s assistant MUST have an email address from 2016 – it is compulsory

If you are a pharmacist’s assistant registered with Council and you don’t have your own, reliable email address, it is time to get moving and sign up for an email account. It has been noted that of all the cadres on Council’s register system, a large percentage of those without email addresses are pharmacist’s assistants. There are many providers that offer free email services so there is no excuse for any registered person to be without an email address.


SAPC - Legal Update

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Support Personnel found guilty by Committee of Formal Inquiry

In terms of the Regulations relating to the conduct of inquiries held in terms of Chapter V of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, and in particular Regulation 26, respondents who have been found guilty by a Committee of Formal Inquiry (CFI) shall have their names, together with the summary of the charges and the penalty imposed by the CFI, published in a Council Report.


Pharmacy Week 2015

National Pharmacy Week in September this year was enthusiastically supported by pharmacists around the country, and they took full advantage of the opportunity to champion the profession and the contribution pharmacists make in the health and wellbeing of the people of South Africa.


PCDT Permits